Parks and recreation is vital to community health and well-being.

We must ensure that all people have access to these spaces, programs and services that remain essential to community vitality and serve as a key factor in advancing health equity, improving individual and community-level health outcomes, and enhancing quality of life.

NRPA believes that park and recreation professionals are key to a fully integrated public health system and play a vital role in meeting the evolving health needs of their communities. They are uniquely positioned to create, in partnership with the community, public health leaders and other local organizations, upstream solutions that catalyze and transform their systems into holistic and people-centered community wellness hubs. In serving as community wellness hubs, parks and recreation connects community members to comprehensive programs, services and spaces that dismantle systemic barriers to health, especially for people of color and low-income communities, while investing in efforts that support and advance health and well-being holistically.

At the core of this work is equity. By centering health equity and embedding it into all that we do, we can ensure that all people — regardless of race, class, ability or identity — have a fair and just opportunity to achieve positive health and well-being outcomes.


健康與保健in Parks and Recreation

Commit To Health承諾健康

NRPA’s Commit to Health campaign supports the goals of improving healthy food access, reducing obesity and chronic disease, and fostering social supports at local park and recreation sites. Park and recreation sites can join the national movement to support community health and wellness.


Healthy Aging in ParksHealthy Aging in Parks

Healthy Aging in Parks is NRPA’s campaign to improve and maintain the health and well-being of older adults by increasing opportunities for physical activity through parks and recreation.





了解有關NRPA的其他舉措的更多信息aimed at improving health and well-being through parks and recreation.


Every day, in communities across the country, the people of parks and recreation are making their communities better places to live, work and play. We are building anation-wide movementof support for their critical work and want you to join us.

NRPA Response to COVID-19




公園和娛樂機構獨特地擔任社區營養中心,將社區所有成員聯係起來改善健康結果的方案和服務。這Launching Community Nutrition Hubs During a Pandemic videoexplores how park and recreation professionals from three agencies began the planning process to implement a hub model in their communities to address food security and nutrition literacy for their community members during a critical time — the COVID-19 pandemic.



Local park and recreation agencies are perfectly suited to serve as community wellness hubs by leveraging their role as trusted gathering places that connect every member of the community to essential programs, services and spaces that advance health equity, improve health outcomes and enhance quality of life. Community wellness hubs meet the unique needs of their communities through a variety of ways including access to healthy foods, physical activity, social connections and connection to nature.

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A Comprehensive Response to the Substance Use Crisis for Park and Recreation Professionals

本報告探討了應對策略和recommendations for park and recreation professionals. It highlights a variety of tactics and levels of response that focus on prevention, operations and maintenance, public safety, community education, partnership building, staff training and development, and more.



這purpose of this guide is to highlight key strategies that park and recreation agencies can use in the implementation of three innovative program models to increase access to healthy foods — starting or expanding farmers markets or community-supported agriculture, starting or expanding intergenerational programming and addressing transportation barriers.


Electronic Health Record Referral Process Guide

This resource supports the common goal of healthcare organizations and community-based organizations like park and recreation agencies: improving the health of their communities. The guide explores how to implement a referral process that can enhance awareness of and improve access to your programs and services and improve the health of the communities you serve.


Park and Recreation Professionals’ Guide to Fundraising






Curated Content: Advancing Community Health and Wellness

NRPA和我們可信賴的合作夥伴旨在通過持續分享最新信息Open Space blogandParks & Recreationmagazine

Parks Snapshot Surveys

In March 2020, NRPA began conducting weekly Parks Snapshot surveys to learn how park and recreation leaders from across the country are confronting the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to provide weekly data from the NRPA Parks Snapshot survey, as state and local guidance and ordinances regarding COVID-19 continue to change rapidly.


Farmers Markets — Parks and Recreation Connecting Communities to Healthy Foods

本報告探討了角色公園和娛樂機構在將農民市場帶到社區。作為一個值得信賴的健康和健康機會的提供者 - 從一個物理活動到健康烹飪的課程 - 公園和娛樂是農民市場的自然所在地。


NRPA’s Out-of-School Time Report



Healthy Aging in Parks Survey

Park and recreation agencies are in a unique position to ensure that the needs of underserved older adults are being met. This study explores how park and recreation agencies and their staff serve older adults.


Making the Case: Parks and Health Toolkit




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