The CPRE exam is 150 questions (125 scored, 25 unscored pretest) and covers five core competencies: Operations, Programming, Human Resources, Finance and Communication. The exam includes a set of unscored sample questions to familiarize candidates with the structure.

通過PSI服務專業測試公司管理基於計算機的考試,可在美國和國際上的200多個測試中心提供。申請人將從注冊時有一年來參加CPRP考試。要準備考試,申請人受到高度鼓勵審查CPRE候選手冊.Exam results are provided on-site at the conclusion of the exam.

Important Notice: Update concerning Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
查看所有當前關閉的基於計算機的測試站點的列表and tentative reopen dates.


In order to assure the relevancy of the Certified Park and Recreation Executive (CPRE) examination, a Job Analysis is conducted approximately every 5 years. The National Certification Board and NRPA completed a CPRP and CPRE Job Analysis in 2021.

CPRE檢查基於工作分析的結果。由此產生的考試內容概述反映了數百個公園和娛樂專業人士的作用。更新的考試內容大綱將有效4月1日生效。請在下麵鏈接的候選手冊中查看當前和更新的考試內容概述。Candidates who schedule their test session on or after April 1, 2022, will be tested on the updated content outline.


Frequently asked questions:


為獲得最佳結果,建議盡可能使用最新版本,如果您最近購買了4thedition, please know that although the outline has changed, the 4th在準備新考試時,版本仍然非常相關。

I no longer want to take the CPRE exam can I have a refund?

Please contact NRPA Certification Staff at伟德亚洲提款 see if you are eligible for a full refund of your exam and application fees. Once a candidate has completed their application and has been processed by the testing company, they are eligible for a refund of exam fees only if they have not scheduled their examination and their examination deadline has not passed, with the exception of an extreme personal emergency.

I already scheduled my exam after April 1, 2022 but want to reschedule what do I do?


Can I get an extension on the deadline to take my exam?

A 3-month extension may be requested for any reason with the submission of an Exam Extension Application, which includes an additional fee. Eligible candidates must submit the Exam Extension Application prior to their exam expiration date and must either not have a currently scheduled testing session or have the ability to reschedule their current testing session. If an extension is granted, a letter will be sent to the applicant stating their new exam deadline as 3 months from the present deadline.

If a serious health condition or extreme personal emergency has prevented an individual from completing the exam prior to their exam expiration date, a request for extension with a fee waiver may be submitted along with supporting documentation (i.e. a letter from the treating physician confirming fitness to practice). If an extension is granted, a letter will be sent to the applicant stating their new exam deadline as one year from the present deadline.


如果您的考試或CPRE認證未到期,則您有資格僅申請CPRE考試。伟德亚洲提款有關資格的更多信息,請聯係NRPA certification team.


For questions or further information on certification, please email us at伟德亚洲提款

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